Happy New Year!

Some thoughts on the old and new year!

Happy New Year!

 2018, a year full of ups and some downs is over and the new year 2019 has already begun. Time for a quick review:

This year we were able to travel again to many countries and do a lot together with our new partners. So we were in Mexico, Cuba, Thailand, Vietnam but also in many other countries. From now on they not only have heard of our technology, they successfully use it. We were able to win many new customers and achieved a lot together.
We would like to highlight at this point, the great cooperation with our exclusive Thai sales partner ENSS. With a lot of heart and soul they work on our mutual project. The same applies to our new partner in Chile. The company ANTISARRO was build up by our strong partner Eberhard Wolff in 2018 and is now developing to an absolute family member we are very proud of. Not to mention - of course - our entire Cuban team. You do a crazy job; excellent!
Our thanks and our New Year's greetings go to all our friends, customers and partners worldwide, who work every day with a lot of heart and soul on our common idea.
Happy New Year 2019!

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