Sialex® continues to develop in the Chinese market.

Having attended tradeshows in the final months of calendar year 2011 and again in quarter 2 of 2012, there are plans to participate at further events throughout 2012.

The second half of 2011 has seen Sialex™ participate in two trade shows (Shanghai and Beijing) as we continued our sales and marketing activities in the Chinese marketplace.

Energy conservation continues to receive much interest. As a responsible international neighbor China is forever searching for opportunities to optimize its industries performance and at the same time balance this with minimizing the environmental effects. Sialex® products offer opportunities; no chemical residual to dispose of, improve systems performance, extend product / systems lifecycle. Sialex® will participate at further events throughout 2012. As recognition of the importance of the Chinese market, Sialex™ has established a presence in this market.

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