Sialex® - Goes wild and dirty!

Sialex® - Goes wild and dirty!

Sialex® - Goes wild and dirty!

 Last weekend we from Sialex® took part at the #wild&dirty2020 with great friends in rather adverse conditions.

It was cold! It was wet! It was muddy! It was tough! But it was great!
Above all, it was for a good cause: Under the motto “Run and fight for little heroes against cancer”, the event took place for the third time and will again be actively supported by our team next year.
Thanks to our team, who, despite the really bad conditions, had a lot of fun at this event and participated almost entirely.
Thanks also to Marcus Morrone #rewemorrone, who organized together with us #sialexring the little bags for our group and also to Nadja Dachmann from #ferngefuehl, who made the cool sunglasses available to us.

www.wild-dirty.de / www.rewe.de / www.sialexring.com / www.ferngefuehl.com

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