Sialex® measures up to the challenge at Property Management Co's client.

To satisfy this demanding customer a series of simple chemical analysis are used to demonstrate the “ongoing performance” of the Sialex® solution

Our customer, manages a range of “quality” properties throughout Germany. In many cases, the properties managed are mature. Such a building complex, managed by the company, is exposed to “hard water” (19.5 °dH) and requires the installation of a water treatment regime. “On-site” maintenance of ion exchange (water softeners) systems was not considered as this would require personnel to ensure the system was maintained and constantly supplied with salt and would prove prohibitively expensive to run. Chemical based cleaning of pipes could lead to premature failure and possible water damage to the buildings. A physical water treatment device offered possibilities on paper but until Sialex®, devices tested did not prove successful. It was with a high degree of skepticism that Sialex®Rings were considered. To overcome this it was agreed that regular testing of water on the site would be used to monitor the Sialex®Rings performance. Multiple Sialex® devices have been operating since August 2011. Third party chemical analysis of water, exposed to the Sialex® devices, continues to demonstrate their effectiveness to the client’s satisfaction. Phase 2 of the project is now approved. For further details on how measurable results of the Sialex® Rings are gathered please contact us............

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