The Sialex®Ring – Use in private homes

The Sialex®Ring – Use in private homes against lime & corrosion

The Sialex®Ring – Use in private homes

 The Sialex®Ring from the company Phoenix Ring Manufaktur with its headquarters in Erbach / Odenwald (more detailed information on this system can be found at www.sialexring.com ) protects water bearing pipes and devices such as fully automatic coffee machines, kettles, washing machines and dishwashers permanently against lime, rust, oxidation and pitting. And especially with older pipes where deposits are  already a big issue!
The ring is the proven and ideal helper for all households in hard water regions such the hessisches Ried and the Bergstrasse.
No chemical additives, absolutely environmentally friendly and demonstrably without any side effects.
Even though the system manufactured by Odenwald is often called "magic ring" by satisfied customers because of its field-tested ring shape and the accompanying changes in the water, the regional manufacturer attaches great importance to the fact that it That's exactly what it is not. Rather, it is a world in industry and private household 1000-times proven and highly respected system, which makes use of physical principles as the starting point of the effect and function as its own.

You also want to convince yourself of the effect of the Sialex®Ring and get your own opinion?
Would you like to know more about the free and absolutely non-binding 4-week practical test?
You would like to know the current offer for our "social media" interested parties?
Then just contact the water experts from Phoenix Ring Manufaktur.
Simply register at test@sialexring.de or by phone at +49 (0) 6062 / 91031-41.

Anyone interested in the possibility of testing will be provided with a free Sialex®Ring of the appropriate size for four weeks free of charge.
No pig in a poke, a fair test method, - nothing more!

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