Yet another "Real world" test of Sialex®Ring's ability to remove and control "Boiler Scale"

As with many from the scientific community, proof of what is offered is critical. Without being aware of all the underlying principles employed in the product's production. A demonstration of the unit in operation cannot be ignored.

 A particularly difficult "test" was selected. It should be said that in quite a few cases Sialex®Ring is selected when all else fails. However, by demonstrating the products abilities, more companies are exposed to the products capabilities. THe test in this case; a boiler using locally sourced , untreated water from a "hard" water area (hardness expressed as Caco3 = 1,130mg/l.) The boiler already exhibited signs of severe "Scale" build-up before testing began. "Feed water" water hardness was monitored and noted over several weeks of the boiler / Sialex®Ring configuration in operation. The results are noted in the attached document 

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