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Schwörer Haus KG takes delivery of 200 Sialex®Rings

Schwörer Haus KG, a leading supplier of bespoke residential properties to the German and European market offers Sialex® products for water related "Scale and corrosion" control.

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Deutsche Bahn, almost five (5) years later…, a good decision?

In late 2007 Deutsche Bahn, Mainz, looked to the future and took a brave decision, they did not install traditional ion exchanger products…. They chose Sialex® based devices….. Almost five years later was it a good choice…the history of the past five years says YES!

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First installations of Sialex® Rings up and running in Lithuania…

Following initial market activity in Lithuanian, Sialex® devices are now installed by our locally appointed representatives. We are happy to offer our “Try before you buy” promotion to the local community as well as offering a limited promotional discount incentive to an initial number of customers.

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