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Case Study PHE (Plate Heat Exchanger) test results in hard water region

Industry, hotels, commercial buildings even private homes in "Hard" water areas are at a disadvantage due to "Scale" formation on devices, particularly those attached to "Hot" water circuits.

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Another Hot water boiler system benefits for Sialex®Ring

"Feed" water supply entering the boiler has a value of 400 ppm (CaCo3). We demonstrate how to clean the boiler and improve performance without chemical cleaning or salt "softened" water.

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Apartment residents see "RED" but Sialex®Ring Clears up the problem!!

"Red" water in showers, baths, and sinks is a common problem. It is a symptom of a more serious, corrosion problem of metal water pipes and devices attached to these pipes. Left untreated this can prove expensive.

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