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Hot water boiler system benefits for Sialex Ring

Hot water is essential to the safe running of this processing plant. The plant is associated in a "Hard" water location and had suffered from regular issues due to Plate Heat Exchanger "fouling" due to Lime-scale. When all else fails... Sialex

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"Real World" test results show effectiveness of Sialex device

Laboratory tests are useful, but Operations / Maintenance managers regularly ask "What happens in a "real" working environment? Our Sales Partner documents a controlled test in a working environment.

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Shopping Center saves money and goes "Green" with Sialex Ring

"the total 7 units were stripped down during annual maintenance. condenser pipes were disassembled. This work was carried out by the Taiwanese service company responsible for the equipment installation. Careful attention was paid to units #1, #2, and #3. The service company confirmed that units #1, #2.ans #3, were “clean”. Units #4, #5, #6, and #7 required the annual maintenance work as per previous years. The results were noted and Service company management visited to note the Sialex® effect."

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