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Phoenix / Sialex® at EDIFICA (Santiago de Chile / Chile)

Mr. Eberhard Wolff, Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, will attend EDIFICA 2017. Mr Wolff and his team will be located on the "German Pavilion". As one of in total six German companies Mr.Wolff and his team will be happy to meet and discuss how our innovative, physical water conditioning technique (Sialex®Ring), can address the major problems caused by "Lime scale" and "Corrosion" associated with water in pipes and devices attached to these pipes.

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Yet another "Real world" test of Sialex®Ring's ability to remove and control "Boiler Scale"

As with many from the scientific community, proof of what is offered is critical. Without being aware of all the underlying principles employed in the product's production. A demonstration of the unit in operation cannot be ignored.

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Tetrapak, Alfa Laval, Westfalia, Cream separators and Sialex®Ring.

Tipperary Co-operative, use Sialex®Ring to help control "Scaling" on Plate Heat and Shell and Tube heat exchangers on their " hot water circuits". A further area suitable to benefit from Sialex® is in the Cream separators. These devices are prone to "Scale" build up on flushing jets. Cleaning requires did-assembly and cleaning. This can occur several times during a year.

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