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Deutsche Bahn, almost five (5) years later…, a good decision?

In late 2007 Deutsche Bahn, Mainz, looked to the future and took a brave decision, they did not install traditional ion exchanger products…. They chose Sialex® based devices….. Almost five years later was it a good choice…the history of the past five years says YES!

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First installations of Sialex® Rings up and running in Lithuania…

Following initial market activity in Lithuanian, Sialex® devices are now installed by our locally appointed representatives. We are happy to offer our “Try before you buy” promotion to the local community as well as offering a limited promotional discount incentive to an initial number of customers.

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Sialex® Rings continue to gather recommendations from plumbers!

What better recommendation can the Sialex® Ring receive than that given by independent plumbers! With no interest other than providing their customers, the homeowner, with unbiased advice, we at Phoenix Ring Manufaktur are pleased to acknowledge the growing list of recommendations which we receive from the local plumbing community.

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