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10 years of Sialex® & Eberhard Wolff in Latin America – that’s something to celebrate!

16. April 2024

Come with us on a trip to México and celebrate more than just an anniversary!
Our trip to Cancún, México was a real highlight – a perfect mix of a wonderful resort, breathtaking beaches, cenotes and ruins, great food, warm encounters and inspiring conversations with our exclusive team for Latin America: Eberhard and Francisco.
It was a journey full of new ideas, strategies and unforgettable moments that brought us even closer together. And all accompanied by Latin American sounds. What more do you need?
We look back with gratitude at the precious memories and look forward to everything that lies ahead. Next destination: Tulum next year? Or wherever – the main thing is to be together!
Thank you dear Eberhard and Francisco for your incredible hospitality, your energy and your warm-heartedness. More than inspiring.