A message from management

There is a growing wave of support for the introduction and use of “Environmentally friendly” devices throughout industry and the home.

“If a safe, effective, “non- polluting” option can be found to replace a device or technique which is more environmentally harmful it would make sense to use it”.

There are, however, practicalities to consider. Simply put; is the “New” device as effective as the system it replaces and most importantly is it cost effective. We all want to be responsible citizens but we also want to purchase products at affordable prices.

With backgrounds in medical equipment and material science - Sven Gagel and his team - have made use of their combined experience to develop the Sialex®Process and employ this in the manufacture of cost effective, environmentally friendly, solution to fluid handling problems found in both industry and the home. Since 2004 we have actively promoted this message to the market place.

With more than 6,000 units delivered to Industry, as well as hospitality and residential properties both in Germany and internationally, our products offer credible alternatives to more expensive, complicated, and less environmentally friendly, traditional offerings.

Our Initial product family, Sialex®Ring is employed in Industry and the home where “Scaling” and “Corrosion”, caused by water passing through pipes and devices attached to these pipes, causes problems and ultimately costs money!

We actively search out further applications where our technique can offer benefits. We are open to work with industry to develop applications / devices around our process.

Michael Laverty and Sven Gagel

We look forward to welcoming you as clients and / or partners!

Sven Gagel Director