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No catches, no hidden costs! If you have “Scale” or “Corrosion” related water issues we would like to make you a “Free of charge”, “No payment required” offer to test the Sialex®Ring and see for yourself the effects it has on your problems.

If you are not located in Germany please contact your local partner or contact Phoenix Ring Manufaktur directly.
After your approval and in accordance with legal rules, we will forward your request to the appropriate partner on site. He will then contact you immediately to clarify the further procedure in this context with you.

As a result of our product design, there is no need for the services of plumbers or electricians to undertake the installation of our device. This allows local partner to either supply our Sialex®Ring directly to you (by post) or to install personally the device.
Installing the Sialex®Ring is straight forward. The information provided with the ring explains where to position the device. Two screws (to hold the two halves of the ring in place around the pipe), insulation tape (to make sure the Sialex®Ring is firmly held in place) and an Allen key (to tighten the screws) are provided. If you are unsure or would prefer some help, we will be happy to have an authorized representative visit and install the Ring for you!

And in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with its performance, the device can be easily removed (just two screws), put back into its original packaging and returned to us.
No pipes to be repaired, no electrical power to be disconnected!
No Risk to you the homeowner!

What happens after submitting your test request?

You will immediately receive an email from us so that you know that we have received your request and are therefore being processed.

Depending on your request, we will either contact you personally by phone or e-mail, or coordinate the dispatch of the corresponding Sialex®Ring directly to your delivery address. By filling out the application form and submitting it, there are NO costs!

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    Sialex®Ring devices are used as part of a preventative regime to control (and in some cases eradicate) “Scale” and or “Corrosion” of water circuits (pipe work, and equipment attached to this pipe work).

    Design features allow for devices to be installed quickly and require no disruption to the normal operation of water circuits (pipes and equipment) to which the devices are attached.

    The “effects” (scale removal / corrosion control) may take some time (days / weeks) to become apparent (due to the subtle effects of the Sialex®Ring).

    Sialex®Ring based solutions, where preliminary discussions and information provided, suggests that a successful result can be achieved, may be provided for “Test” purposes, prior to purchase.

    In such cases the Sialex®Ring products are provided for an agreed period of time, where “Pass / Fail” criteria are agreed between both parties, where a budget is in place, and where the key decision makers are aware of and support the “Test to Purchase” proposal put forward.

    Typically Sialex®Ring based solutions will require no major site preparation or disruption. The units can be installed and removed with no pipe modifications. There are no “hidden” costs associated with using the Sialex®Ring products during the agreed “Test” period.

    Sialex®Rings are available in a wide range of sizes (DN15 – DN1200) and are therefore congruent with the high requirements of the industrial sector.

    Thank you for considering Sialex®Ring.

    Some initial details will help us determine a suitable configuration. Please contact us; we can then discuss how our products may benefit your organization.

    We are happy to assist; thank you very much.
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