What you should do if brown water comes out of the pipe.

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Especially in older properties, ungalvanized or galvanized iron pipes are often still installed in the water system. They tend to corrode. So the water flowing through them carries the rust with it. Whether you need hot or cold water – the number of rust particles is higher than average and a brownish liquid flows out of your faucet. However, the problem does not lie with your water supplier or water company. Their provided liquid must be clear, clean and absolutely compatible for human consumption due to legal requirements.

Suddenly brown water from the tap is literally a home-made problem. This is true even if you rely on an on-site water supply or well water. However, this is a different situation. So what should you do if brown water suddenly comes out of the tap?

Brown water from the tap what to do?

Is brown water bubbling out of your pipe? In this case, the following procedure is recommended:

Drain the liquid for a few minutes through as many taps as possible. After that, check if the water is clear again. After 20 to 30 minutes, check again to see if any brown discoloration is visible. Also, if possible, refrain from drinking the water until the cause of contamination is clarified.

You should also ask your water supplier whether a major fault has been reported. For this, it is best to use their hotline. A look at the website can also be worthwhile. Recommendations for dealing with brownish water may already be shared here.

If brown water is still omnipresent in the bathtub or from your faucet after a few minutes of running off, you can also turn to your neighbors. It doesn’t matter if they live in the same property or are in other buildings. Ask if they also have brown water coming out of their pipes. This will help you narrow down the cause of the contamination. Is it to be found in the municipal pipe network or rather in your house installation?

Following this, you should contact people such as an experienced plumber or again your water supplier. If you have noticed brown water coming from the pipes of your rented apartment, the janitor, the property management or your landlord
will support you if you have any questions.

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Rust as a possible cause of brown water from the pipe.

Why does brown water suddenly come out of the pipe? The answer to this question cannot be generalized. However, in most cases the discoloration is due to a rusty pipe system. Here, the reddish-brown coloring is caused by an oxidation of iron. Are your installed water pipes made of steel? Maybe they are already galvanized? Nevertheless, brown water may come out of the pipe. After all, the pipes really wear out over the years.

This can also be seen after the zinc coating has been permanently removed. The pipes then begin to rust from the inside out. Once this process has progressed, components in the pipe eventually dissolve and, get into your water accordingly. If you look at the liquid discolored in this way, you will see a brownish-red, rusty-looking color. This is the iron oxide contained in the liquid. However, there may also be manganese in it.

In addition, when it comes to brown water from the tap, there are other causes of discoloration. A burst pipe is a common example of this. You should never take it lightly. This is not only essential for the protection of your property. It also protects your health. One thing is clear: the question of whether brown water from the tap is dangerous is not a coincidence.

Is brown water from the tap harmful to health?

You have drunk brown water from the tap and wonder whether it is harmful to your health? In this case, if you drink the discolored liquid only once or for a short period of time, it usually does not harm your health condition. Nevertheless, you should act quickly and inform your landlord or property management about your brown water in the pipe. If you are a homeowner, it is recommended that you contact your water supplier. Are there any malfunctions in the pipes?

A quick response to the brown tap water is recommended in any case. After all, a long-term increased intake can be unfavorable not only for your own health. This is due to the iron and manganese deposits contained in it. They are responsible for the brown coloration. So whether brown water from the tap is harmful to your health depends on the amount and duration of the liquid ingested.

However, impairment of well-being by brown water from the tap still occurs in rare cases. Regardless of whether it was drunk only once or several times – if there is damage to the water pipe, it is problematic. It is possible that soil and contaminated surface water can penetrate the system when pipes burst. Water suppliers then have to clean it thoroughly before it can be safely released again. If brown water suddenly comes out of the tap, it is therefore best to refrain from drinking the liquid. This is recommended even if the reason for the discoloration is not a burst pipe.

If you have already drunk brown water from the tap, it is usually not a danger to your health. Nevertheless, you should be attentive. If you notice any adverse effects on yourself or your relatives, contact a doctor. Also ask your landlord whether there is any damage to your water pipe system and if so, what kind.

Brown water comes out of the pipe: Rent reduction justified?

If the brown water clears up after a few liters, the cause is most likely individual corrosion spots. These form in pipes if they have not been in contact with liquid for a long time. For example, after a long vacation or in areas that are not used very often (cellar, garden or garage). The discoloration therefore occurs more often than average in these areas. A keyword here is brown water after turning off the water. In this case, the rust particles are flushed out of the pipe with the first flow of water, the liquid clears up after a short time and the problem is usually solved.

However, what if you notice daily or long-term discoloration? Is brown water from the pipe possibly even a reason for a rent reduction? There is no general answer to this question. However, if the conditions are right, you have a good chance of enforcing a rent reduction. The reason is clear: a reliable water supply represents the minimum standard in everyday life. It must be properly available. That includes high temperatures, if that is what you as a tenant want. If your landlord cannot meet your needs, a rent reduction is appropriate.

After all, your apartment must be equipped for everyday use. Sudden brown water from the tap will not meet this requirement. In this case, your landlord must act. After all, he has to ensure that you can use your apartment to the usual extent. This includes a reliable supply of clear water. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the landlord does not automatically have to be at fault when it comes to brown water from the pipes in your rented apartment. For example, the pipes may have broken unexpectedly. Also, signs of age can never be completely ruled out. Nevertheless, he is in the warranty obligation. Therefore, contact your landlord immediately after you can rule out supposedly obvious things for the cause of the discoloration.

Brown water from the pipe after repair – what you should know.

After a repair, it is particularly common to observe, brown water flows out of the pipe. This is due to the shutting off of the liquid for safe execution of the construction work. If the water is subsequently turned on again, the astonishment is often great. The piping system may have been repaired, but it continues to gush out of the faucet discolored brown. The reason for this can be found in the residues of dirt or rust. These occur in the pipes during the repair work. This is a process that often cannot be avoided. However, it does not usually pose a problem.

After all, the water usually clears up after a few minutes. In addition, you will be informed in advance if the tap needs to be turned off. So, it makes sense to wait it out first. But what if an emergency occurs? Now the brown liquid will surprise you. If this is the case with you, you should ask your neighbors or landlord about repairs. If necessary, switch to water from water bottles, etc. for wound cleaning or the like.

Observe the statutory regulations on water quality.

The quality of water for human consumption is regulated in the Drinking Water Standards. It therefore defines the limit values ​​for the physico-chemical and microbiological properties of the water. The health department and laboratories are responsible for this. They specify the local criteria. As a homeowner, this is essential to know. After all, you own a house installation. If this tapping point is not used for a long period of time, rusty and therefore brown-reddish water could develop.

As the owner of the domestic installation in Germany for example, you are legally obliged to have the quality of your drinking water tested. This is especially the case if the water coming out of your taps tastes or smells unusually. If you do not comply with the legal limits, you must eliminate the underlying problem. After all, your drinking water can only contain a certain amount of iron, lead, cadmium, nickel or chromium. For this reason, it is advisable to act quickly if the drinking water is discolored. It does not matter whether brown water from the tap is only observed with warm water or with cold water.

Brown-colored water from the tap – Overview of the most important things.

Brown water after turning off the water (e.g. after vacation) is not uncommon. Nevertheless, it is a nuisance that affects everyday life. Fortunately, in most cases, the liquid is not harmful to your health. However, you should not take discoloration lightly. After all, homeowners in Germany for example are also legally obliged to ensure that their drinking water is of an appropriately high quality. When it comes to “brown water from the tap, what to do?” rapid action is required. In addition, you should definitely observe the following points:

If possible, do not drink brown water. If you have already consumed it, observe your health condition. If your health changes, contact a doctor immediately.

As a tenant, inquire (if necessary also at the local tenants’ association) about a rent reduction to which you are entitled. Your landlord is obliged to ensure a reliably clean water supply.

Check with your water supplier for possible repairs if brown liquid suddenly comes out of your tap. As a rule, you will be informed in advance about construction works on the lines.

After a longer absence, the water is particularly often discolored. This is due to the lack of flow in your pipe systems.

The tap water is brown – What now?

Suddenly brown water from the tap is a shock that many people experience. As a rule, however, the spook is over quickly. Still, the brown-reddish liquid can pose a more long-term problem. Since no water changes color without a reason, it is important to find the cause and, ideally, to reliably stop it or to avoid it in advance. This saves valuable time, nerves and money. Homeowners who caught a burst water pipe early will agree.

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