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Sialex® – Today very grateful!
14. October 2021
Last Tuesday we were able to win a very special customer for our Sialex®Ring. Ralf Ebli!Ralf is not only a former national trainer in triathlon and highly recognized to sports athletes, he is also a supporter of many of his protégés and former companions.For example, he only recently more than supported us with his ...
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Happy Birthday friend, business partner and companion!
24. September 2021
Dear Eberhard, we sincerely wish you all the best for your birthday.Our entire team and the entire Sialex®Family around the world don’t just celebrate you today.Stay just like you are…a bit crazy, very special, honest, but always true to your line.This is exactly what makes you such an important piece of the ...
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No words needed!
22. September 2021
Our Croatian exclusive partner ERWO Water Technology received these days 65 Sialex®Rings for a great project in the apartment area. They were obviously that excited, so they quickly made an “unboxing video”.We love this kind of enthusiasm, and it reflects 100% the attitude of our worldwide partners. We are deeply ...
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New website is online
08. September 2021
Job done! After months of technical, content and a graphic revision, we are happy to notifying you of completion. Our new website in a fresh design is ready and is waiting to be examined, read and hopefully admired from today. A new website was necessary after a little over 10 years and is absolutely the […]
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Sialex® goes international – Iran
21. January 2021
Wonderful surprise from Iran! Last weekend there was a big surprise. A small package with lots of Persian characters and well protected. After struggling through all the filling materials with a little uncertainty, a wonderfully hand-painted plate came to light – a gift from our long-term Iranian partner ...
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Sialex® – goes international!
30. October 2020
Our exclusive sales partner for Thailand – Energy Solution Systems / ENSS – shows once again how agile and active you can be, even within the global epidemic. With great engagement and a lot of enthusiasm, interested parties are brought closer to the Sialex®Technology at a three-day technical seminar. We ...
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