Descale hard water – how do I get my water lime-free?
Do you live in a chalky area? Then you certainly know the problems of matt streaks on the shower wall or the hard white crust on the spiral of the kettle. In order to get to the bottom of these deposits, you need a lot of time, constant treatment, and usually chemical cleaners. In this situation, many people think ...
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Water pressure too low: Possible causes and remedy.
In the physical sense, water pressure is the hydrostatic pressure in water. It increases with increasing water depth and is referred to as the water column and measured in meters of water column, mH2O or mWS for short. A meter of water column is about 0.10 bar. In everyday life, water pressure refers to the the force ...
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What you should do if brown water comes out of the pipe.
Especially in older properties, ungalvanized or galvanized iron pipes are often still installed in the water system. They tend to corrode. So the water flowing through them carries the rust with it. Whether you need hot or cold water - the number of rust particles is higher than average and a brownish liquid flows out ...
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Descaling system at Home: Sialex®Ring as a sustainable alternative.
A water softener removes the minerals that cause water hardness: One of the most common problems, besides water quality, that homeowners usually have to deal with. Especially for private households that are located in a hard water area and are therefore confronted with "hard" water, the level of discomfort is ...
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Sialex® – Limescale treatment of water heaters in permanently warmer countries
07. February 2024
Who hasn’t seen the water heaters on the roofs of southern countries such as Turkey, Spain and Greece, but also throughout Latin America?In these permanently warmer countries, almost every second flat roof has such a water heater and it is the most common way of heating water.The ...
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Sialex® – goes India
17. January 2024
We at Phoenix Ring Manufaktur are excited to announce that we have partnered with Mr. J. J. Gandhi and his team from Gandhi Enterprises as our new distributors for India. We have found Mr. Gandhi and his colleagues to be very experienced, interested and extremely professional partners and ...
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Sialex® – goes Taiwan!
13. December 2023
Today we would like to introduce and welcome our new distributor Mr. J. H. Chen from Taiwan. We have come to know and appreciate Mr. J. H. Chen as a technically very experienced and very interested colleague, who from now on will inspire his customers in Taiwan with our ...
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Sialex® – goes Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!
04. December 2023
We are very happy and proud to welcome Mr. Hadi Almokri as a new strong partner in our Sialex®Team. Hadi Almokri is responsible for the coordination for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will inspire many customers with our Sialex®Ring with all his experience, ...
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Sialex® – goes Indonesia!
05. October 2023
What an exciting past week lies behind us? A week in which we were able to spend a lot of time with our new partner from Indonesia. On Wednesday we went to Bali, 12.000 km away, for an online training of several hours, then on Friday we met in person here in Michelstadt.The talks with ...
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Sialex® – goes Turkey!
03. August 2023
We at Phoenix Ring Manufaktur are very happy to announce today in our blog that our Sialex®Team has got a new member. We warmly welcome İbrahim Savran as exclusive coordinator for Turkey in our Sialex®Team and are looking forward to a pleasant and successful ...
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