Descale hard water – how do I get my water lime-free?
Do you live in a chalky area? Then you certainly know the problems of matt streaks on the shower wall or the hard white crust on the spiral of the kettle. In order to get to the bottom of these deposits, you need a lot of time, constant treatment, and usually chemical cleaners. In this situation, many people think ...
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Water pressure too low: Possible causes and remedy.
In the physical sense, water pressure is the hydrostatic pressure in water. It increases with increasing water depth and is referred to as the water column and measured in meters of water column, mH2O or mWS for short. A meter of water column is about 0.10 bar. In everyday life, water pressure refers to the the force ...
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What you should do if brown water comes out of the pipe.
Especially in older properties, ungalvanized or galvanized iron pipes are often still installed in the water system. They tend to corrode. So the water flowing through them carries the rust with it. Whether you need hot or cold water - the number of rust particles is higher than average and a brownish liquid flows out ...
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Descaling system at Home: Sialex®Ring as a sustainable alternative.
A water softener removes the minerals that cause water hardness: One of the most common problems, besides water quality, that homeowners usually have to deal with. Especially for private households that are located in a hard water area and are therefore confronted with "hard" water, the level of discomfort is ...
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Sialex® – Today quite productive!
22. November 2022
Today, we would like to thank our supplier, who has been with us for decades and who, even at the end of the year, is still working flat out to ensure that we can supply all our distributors worldwide with Sialex®Rings. The pictures give you a look at how the blanks of our ...
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‘Sialex®Effect’ scientifically proven!
16. November 2022
The Sialex®Effect and thus the effect of our Sialex®Ring, has been analyzed and confirmed in a geological institute of a university. We are very proud that our Sialex®Ring – now also scientifically proven – enables a sustainable, ...
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Sialex® – Very proud today, because we grow and grow and grow!
01. October 2022
We think that our Joe and our Sialex®Ring are a damn good match. For this reason, we will be intensifying our cooperation even more from the first of October and are really pleased that Joe will be our ‘Product Manager Sialex®Ring’ in the future. ...
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Sialex® on Tour – Today: CROATIA
13. September 2022
Planned for a long time, postponed a few times, but now realized! We finally managed to visit our exclusive partner ERWO Water Technology in Zagreb, Croatia. The team around the owner Marina and the ‘head of sales’ Ivan not only gave us a very warm welcome, we were also able ...
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Sialex® – goes international. This time Guatemala and El Salvador!
28. July 2022
Latin America has long been a heartfelt opportunity for us, but the fact that we are pursuing this rapid course of expansion there is very special, even for us.We are all very grateful and look forward with great anticipation to welcoming our new distribution partner ECOGROUP SA, who will ...
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Salve Italia!
18. July 2022
We are very happy to announce today the goLive of our Italian website. We warmly welcome all the Italian speaking visitors and would like to thank our Italian distributor Dino Ruzzi for the translations and our web agency UNIKAT for the technical implementation. May now the visitors of ...
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