Descale hard water – how do I get my water lime-free?
Do you live in a chalky area? Then you certainly know the problems of matt streaks on the shower wall or the hard white crust on the spiral of the kettle. In order to get to the bottom of these deposits, you need a lot of time, constant treatment, and usually chemical cleaners. In this situation, many people think ...
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Water pressure too low: Possible causes and remedy.
In the physical sense, water pressure is the hydrostatic pressure in water. It increases with increasing water depth and is referred to as the water column and measured in meters of water column, mH2O or mWS for short. A meter of water column is about 0.10 bar. In everyday life, water pressure refers to the the force ...
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What you should do if brown water comes out of the pipe.
Especially in older properties, ungalvanized or galvanized iron pipes are often still installed in the water system. They tend to corrode. So the water flowing through them carries the rust with it. Whether you need hot or cold water - the number of rust particles is higher than average and a brownish liquid flows out ...
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Descaling system at Home: Sialex®Ring as a sustainable alternative.
A water softener removes the minerals that cause water hardness: One of the most common problems, besides water quality, that homeowners usually have to deal with. Especially for private households that are located in a hard water area and are therefore confronted with "hard" water, the level of discomfort is ...
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Sialex® – goes international. This time Venezuela
14. July 2022
We grow and grow and grow! Today we welcome our new Venezuelan distribution partner Inversiones Ronica C.A. with great excitement of all that lies ahead. The team around the managing director Sasha Fuentes will rock the market; we are sure of it. Welcome to our ...
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Sialex® – gets even greener!
01. July 2022
Finally the time has come! After many weeks, countless phone calls, a whole series of e-mails and hot conversations, our Anja has finally made it. We are licensed for the green dot and from now on we are allowed to use the logo and the name “DerGrünePunkt” for our packaging ...
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Sialex® – goes Italy!
28. June 2022
We at Sialex® could hardly be prouder. Finally, we have found a powerful distribution partner for beautiful Italy as well. It is none other than our friend Dino Ruzzi who, together with his team from #ethicprocessenvironnement, is already exclusively handling France for us. ...
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Sialex® – Very humble and quite grateful
23. December 2021
What kind of year has it been? Over the past 12 months, we’ve been going full power in Europe, Asia and South America. We were able to win an incredibly great new distribution partner for us in Croatia, we transformed our cooperation with our French partner into a very trusting, ...
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Sialex® – Today quite humble and grateful!
28. November 2021
Although we at Sialex® often like to look far away, we always have an eye for what is happening around our own doorstep. It was therefore a matter of the heart for us when we heard about the “Christmas in a Shoebox for the Ahrtal”-campaign through our dear ...
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Sialex® – Our ring is going on a great journey!
24. November 2021
And again we can place a new pin on our map  – we and our partner Eberhard Wolff and his team are happy about our first installed ring in PERU! Good luck for!
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