Case Studies

Deutsche Bahn, Germany - Deutsche Bahn uses Sialex® to help control costs at its Mainz facility.

  • Deutsche Bahn (DB) has employed Sialex®Rings to control “Scale and Corrosion” in the offices water infrastructure, at their facility in Mainz, Germany Since 2007. After several years of escalating maintenance costs associated with dealing with the results of “hard” water, DB considered two options; an expensive “water softener” option or an environmentally friendly Sialex®Ring based solution. After extensive internal testing and cost benefit analysis DB selected the Sialex®Ring solution.
  • Regular checking of the water infrastructure confirms that they made the right choice.
  • With no ongoing consumable costs, no pipe “Scaling” or “Corrosion” related issues, and a solution (Sialex®) installed for a fraction of the cost of the traditional “Water softener” approach (approximately 85% less than the traditional “water softener” option).
  • DB can see directly the benefit of this solution.

On-site testing by DB personnel

Sprudelhof, Bad Nauheim, Germany - Helping keep the water flowing at an iconic German Health Spa

  • The Sprudelhof at Bad Nauheim is an outstanding example of Art Nouveau. The Sprudelhof is maintained and supported by, “Land Hessen”, “Landkreis Wetterau” and the City of Bad Nauheim.
  • Three underground wells provide the waters used at the facility. The waters are considered healthy. People have visited the “Sprudelhof” for many years to avail of these waters.
  • Delivering these waters to their point of use (baths, fountains etc) poses problems as the waters are very “Hard” (more than 4,000 ppm total hardness). Pipes and valves block had required extensive servicing on an on-going basis.
  • Since 2011 Sialex®Ring based solution has provided the “Sprudelhof” with a safe effective solution to this problem.

TNUVA Dairies, Israel - Helping reduce “risk” in the food industry

  • Food processing brings with it a high degree of “duty of care” on the part of the food processor. Technology, capable of solving infrastructure problems without the use of chemicals, which could possibly directly or indirectly, come into contact with food products, is to be welcomed.
  • TNUVA dairies, one of the largest dairy products processors in the middle east, has for the past five years, employed Sialex® based products to control “Scaling” in water carrying pipes within its processing plants.
  • Reducing maintenance reduces risk of contamination, saves money in terms of manpower, system “downtime” and replacement components, as well as reducing the potential of accidental contamination (directly or indirectly) as a result of using aggressive chemicals “on-site” to remove “Scale” build up. Sialex® based devices employ no chemicals as part of their operation. They are located on the external wall of water bearing pipes and generate no by-products requiring further treatment or disposal.

Before: sacrificial anodes / After: Sialex® solution on “Green” pipe

Chungwa Telecom, Taiwan - Reducing maintenance and costs associated with the operation of HYVAC systems.

  • Sialex® helps keep Chungwa telecom HYVAC systems operating. Humidity and high temperatures places considerable strain on Office HYVAC systems. In the case of Chungwa telecom there is the added complexity of maintaining datacenters and telephone exchange / base stations (Chungwa has more than 70 installations in place).
  • Sialex®Rings have been installed since 2007. These units have contributed to overall system efficiency by reducing the need for water infrastructure maintenance as well as reducing the frequency of “Blow down” and therefore water consumption.

Several Residential properties, Germany - A Safe clean solution to unsightly “Scale” in retirement homes

  • The elderly, just like the very young, require extra care and attention. Facilities providing such care benefit from the Sialex®, chemical –free, solution to the unsightly build up of “Scale” on water bearing pipes and equipment attached to these pipes.
  • During 2011 Sialex®Ring based solutions have been installed in several facilities, all located within the Hessen region. Sialex products do not require the storing of or use of industrial chemicals, at these facilities. By controlling “Scale” build up in water pipes Sialex® products promote “cleaner” water circuits and by extensions a healthier environment for residents.

HP, Israel - Sialex® helping keep air quality “Just right” in Israel’s Hi-Tech industrie

  • Air quality must be kept within tight tolerances when working with printed circuit board assemblies (a key process in the manufacture of Hi-Tech print engines). Too little moisture in the air in the production hall results in an “electrostatic” build up which can lead to “shorting” of circuit boards.
  • Water vapor is introduced into a production hall through a system of fine “nozzles” to disperse this vapor (in the form of steam). This vapor is created by boiling water. Before the introduction of Sialex® devices, due to the calcium content in this water, nozzles block and require continual “maintenance”.
  • Sialex®Rings were introduced in 2006 leading to a dramatic decrease in maintenance needs of the “humidifying systems”.

Calcium material is “Soft” and easily removed with water

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