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Our products are installed on many industrial areas and in the private household.

We have also experience with fluids other than water, which will receive more attention in the future.

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Sialex® working directly with distributors…

Sialex®process has been developed in Germany. Sialex®Rings have been market tested, and sold into the German market for several years. Products are installed in a wide range of applications with manufacturers, hotels, retirement homes, office blocks, and residential properties.

Currently our products are delivered into the German market by direct sales to industrial, commercial and private households.

With over thirty years experience in the manufacturing and marketing of “technology” based products, we believe we understand how to introduce and support “New” technology into the marketplace.

Key to success is partners. Access to target markets is also most important. Our products design and operating characteristics mean that the devices are of interest to a wide range of potential distributors outside of traditional plumbing and chemical suppliers, dosing devices and system maintenance companies.

Our products are sold in the European market, Middle East, and Asia at present.

We are happy to discuss expanding our distributor network further should suitable partners be identified. Our devices are justified on a pragmatic, business case basis.

  • What are the costs associated with not protecting water infrastructure against scaling and corrosion?
  • What techniques are available to provide this service?
  • What are the true costs of applying such solutions?
  • How do they compare to Sialex® systems?

Our distributor partners focus on the selling and installation of our devices in the knowledge that they have our full support in developing the market within their geographic region.

If your company currently services markets which could benefit from the introduction of our products, we would like to hear from you. Take the time to fill out our contact-form and we will be in touch.

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