Frequently asked questions from industrial customers.

Does Sialex® technology change the chemical composition of water?

No, Sialex® technology does not change waters chemical composition. It works purely on a physical level.

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Do Sialex® products affect the “Quality” of the water?

No, Sialex® products allow the “drinking quality “of water to be maintained. This has been independently verified. (see document on the right, named "Certificate of Conformity")

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Is “lime scale”, present in water, harmful?

No, “Lime scale” contains calcium; calcium is required for strong bones and teeth. (see document on the right, named "Is Hard Water Bad For You?")

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Does Sialex® technology work on established “Scale”?

Yes, with time the Sialex® “effect” gradually breaks up and allows scale, already in place, to be removed and carried out by the water flow.

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What happens to the “dissolved” scale?

This “dissolved” scale is flushed out of the system. (see document on the right, named "Sialex Figure 1")

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Is an external power source (electrical power) required for the unit?

No, Sialex® products require No external power source.

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Is a plumber or electrician required to install the Sialex® device?

No Plumber or Electrician is required when installing the smaller Sialex® products (typically those installed in private households). Commercial and industrial type applications may benefit from technical support to help determine correct configuration as well as location of device(s) to achieve optimum results.

In both cases the Sialex® devices may be installed without stopping water flow, cutting pipes, or the need for electrical installation. (see document on the right, named "Installation guide (Industry)")

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What are the running costs of the Sialex® devices?

There are “No running costs” associated with the operation of the Sialex® devices. Units are provided with a “5 year” warranty.

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What is the maximum amount of “hardness” (scale forming indicator) with which Sialex® devices work?

Sialex® units work with all levels of water hardness.

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What is the price of a typical Sialex® devices?

As with operating needs (pipe size, water flow rate, water pipe structure (pipe length, equipment installed etc.) the cost of implementing a Sialex® solution varies. In the instance of a typical family home cost are typically in the region of €500 (with no further costs associated with maintenance or consumables), compare this with the more traditional “water softener” devices where maintenance and consumable costs can cost more that the initial purchase price.

In Industrial applications, where multiple Rings and sizes (Rings are available to fit DN350, 14” as standard) may be required, capital investment will reflect this. However, no matter what the application Sialex® solutions provide considerable savings.

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Certificate of Conformity

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Is Hard Water Bad For You?

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Sialex Figure 1

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Installation guide (Industry)

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