Frequently asked questions from private customers.

How can I tell my Sialex®Ring is operating?

Sialex®Rings are delivered to you already operating and ready to be used.

There is no need to cut pipes, work with electricity, or programme the device before use! In around four to six weeks, if not right away, depending on the level of scale build-up already present in the water circuit, some simple signs can be noticed:

  • Softening of scale around shower heads, faucets etc.
  • Scale flaking away from the kettle element and shower heads
  • Water feeling hotter, improved performance of washing machines and dishwashers
  • A reduction in the amount of soap, shampoo, detergents and cleaners required for cleaning surfaces etc.
  • Easier to clean surfaces, especially baths, basins and sinks.

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Does Sialex®Ring affect drinking water quality?

No. Sialex® technology does not change waters chemical composition. It works purely on a physical level.Water remains chemically unchanged, retaining the beneficial minerals and tastes as before exposure to the Sialex®Ring. Phoenix has tested to TVO (German Drinking Water) standards.

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What happens to Scale in pipes?

The Sialex®Ring operation stops new scale forming. No "hard" scale forms, instead a "soft" crystalline material is produced which is carried in solution and flows through the water circuit, through the waste drain and is carried away. This will not block up the drain as these crystals are extremely small (microscopic).Existing scale is gradually "weakened" and will gradually break free and be carried through the water pipes.

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What are the monthly running costs?

There are no maintenance activities to be performed.

After purchasing the Sialex®Ring, there are no additional "running costs" as with most other devices. No consumables need to be added when using the device (unlike ion exchangers where large and heavy bags of sale must be continually added to ensure the device performs. Typically salt (for the ion exchange is provided in 20kg bags). It is not unusual to add a bag (20kg) of salt every month or so!

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No filters need be changed or replaced?

Just install the Sialex®Ring and relax; nothing to add, replace, repair and or monitor. The Sialex®Rings are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years!

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What pipe material is suitable for the Sialex®Ring?

Sialex®Rings are installed on carbon steel, plastic, stainless steel, copper and lead pipes.

No pipes are cut (so no chance of water leaking!), no electrical power is required (so no electrician required for installing). And when you decide to re-locate, take the device with you. It's as simple as undoing two screws!

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Where should I install my Sialex®Ring?

Typically the Sialex®Ring should be installed on the water circuit, to which the devices requiring protection are attached. In the case of private households devices are typically installed on the mains water after the water meter. If there are specific issues which need to be considered our sales partners will be happy to discuss this with you.

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Do I need a plumber / electrician to install my Sialex®Ring?

No plumber or electrician is required at installation. The SialexRing is placed around the water pipe and is secured with the securing screws supplied with the unit.

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What equipment do I need to install my Sialex®Ring?

In the case of a residential property, "Do-it-yourself" installation is quick and simple - and does not require an electrician, a plumber, stopping water flowing or turning off electrical power, or cutting of water pipes.

  1. Locate the pipe where your water supply first enters your building (normally close to the water meter).
  2. Follow the installation guide instructions.

In the case of an industrial application, Phoenix Ring Manufaktur or our partner will be pleased to advise where best to locate the Sialex®Ring(s), based upon the application needs.

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Installation guide (Private Household)

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