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Our products are installed on many industrial areas and in the private household.

We have also experience with fluids other than water, which will receive more attention in the future.

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Sialex® in industrial applications…

Industry is asked to consider many operational issues. There is a drive to reduce the “carbon footprint”, costs must be tightly controlled in the face of rising energy costs, “downtime” of systems must be minimised to gain the most “return on the capital investment in plant and machinery”. Running costs must be tightly controlled.

Water is an important component in most industrial applications as well as in many commercial ventures (hotels, theme parks, commercial building etc.).

The relationship between “scaling” / “corrosion” and system efficiency has received considerable attention in recent years. Water problems, once seen as an inconvenience by operations managers, now are identified as a considerable cost in terms of efficiency. As the link between scale “build up” in water circuits and higher energy bills becomes more obvious , as labour costs also rise, and the drive to maximise systems availability receives more focus , benefits associated with “good” maintenance of water circuits makes a more compelling argument.

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Sialex® based products are installed on heat exchangers in factories and large office complexes, in Dairies, fun parks, ships, hospitals, hot water systems, extrusion lines, washing machines, and many other areas. Depending upon application needs, one or multiple Sialex®Ring devices are employed.

Our products are not limited to water alone, we are gaining experience with other fluid types and the problems associated with their transport and storage. This is an area which will receive more attention in the future.

In all cases a “cost benefit analysis”, with the client's support, establishes the viability of the Sialex® proposal. In certain cases a “test period” can be arranged to confirm the business case assumption of the proposal.

We are happy to discuss possible projects, and if we believe we can make a positive contribution, will, with our sales partners, work directly with the client to determine what is required and how best to implement our solution. Our clients are confident to work with us in the knowledge that our systems cause no disruption or modification to the existing water infrastructure and the client incurs no costs associated with the modifying of their equipment to accommodate our solution.

Should you wish to discuss an existing application need or possible test application please contact us. We will be pleased to discuss with you our products and how they can help.

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