Over the past several years Sialex® devices have been employed in Industry and the home. Customers include power stations in Asia, Office buildings in Taiwan, Dairies, cement plants and supermarkets in the Middle East.

In Europe Sialex®Rings are installed in diverse industries including Hotels, Spas, Airports, community heating systems as well as private homes.

Just as it is natural, for prospective clients to look for re-assurance by identifying others in similar circumstances, who have made use of products and services, it is equally natural for others to seek to avoid such publicity. We respect this request. We have provided a sample of some of the customer base, currently employing Sialex® based devices, as indicator of the type of client using our products.

Should you wish to learn more about our clients and their applications please refer to the “Sample Reference list” or contact us.

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Reference list (Industry / OEM’s / Distributor)

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