In the private household area, Sialex® based Rings have been actively operating for more than six years in the German market. Here are samples of satisfied customers and what they have to say about the Sialex® based Rings:

Dipl.-Ing. Tatjana Klemmer, D-53804 Much bei Köln

“I was initially quite skeptical of such a ‘Do-it-yourself’ approach. However, the device was delivered directly to my home through the post. Installing was straight forward and easy to follow. After approximately one week the changes were noticeable, e.g. the water ‘felt’ softer with less ‘lime spots’ visible. I do not claim to fully understand what powers it and why it works but I can say it works and have even recommended the device to a friend. Thank you Phoenix for the really uncomplicated installation period.”

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Rainer Kuch, Handelsvertreter, D-69245 Bammental

“I am very pleased to use this device! Since installation of the Sialex®Ring, I have found the water gentler on my skin.”

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Willi Kaiser, D-68623 Lampertheim-Rosengarten

“We were quite skeptical at first. Now after the test we are pleasantly surprised and convinced by the systems performance.”

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DB Services Südwest GmbH, Technisches Facility Management, D-55116 Mainz

“The positive impressions convinced the test team as to the capabilities of the Ring. It was decided to procure the device. The next step will be to expand to a ‘Grease trap’ application.”

Test results were based upon a 90 day test at the DB facility in Mainz, Germany. A thorough test protocol including testing for stopping of “New” as well as removal of “old” scale deposits was prepare and carried out by DB staff. This test was carried out in an existing DB facility with water structure in place for more than 10 years. The building is occupied by 1,200 employees. The water hardness at this location amounts to 22° to 24° German hardness (390 – 440ppm).

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Helga Ganß, D-64291 Darmstadt-Arheilgen

“A pragmatic easy to implement process, from installation (30 minutes and a cup of coffee!), to seeing the results! The company (Phoenix Ring Manufaktur) was easy to work with, on time, no mess, and happy to allow me to ask questions. Here the customer is still king! Cordial thanks.”

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Günter Ochsenschläger, D-68642 Bürstadt

“We had our doubts but trying before buying instilled confidence. We got to see results in our own home. One already sees the effect after few days (particular easy to notice in the electric kettle). We purchased the system, but if we had decided not to, there was no cost to us. We believe this is a good ‘Win / Win’ situation for both Phoenix Ring Manufaktur and ourselves.”

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Gerhard Käßberg, D-64404 Bickenbach

“The whole experience from enquiry, through installation by the sales representative (Herr Link), and finally the ‘test’ results themselves made for a ‘perfect’ package. We are very surprised. We no longer use the Bickenbach water softener unit. We would summarise our experience as ‘Small Ring but big effect’. Many thanks Mr. Link and cordial thanks Phoenix Ring Manufaktur. We can recommend you without exception.”

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Wolfgang Perner, D-68623 Lampertheim-Hofheim

“One saw results very fast with the solution of the lime problems. We are particularly impressed with the ability to remove residue from kettles simply by wiping with a cloth.”

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Michael Napp, D-64319 Pfungstadt

“In the beginning I was sceptical especially when Mr. Link, account executive from Phoenix Ring Manufaktur, followed me into the cellar and installed a small aluminium Ring. This ring, is really going to bring such positive results? What am I to say? I tested and saw the results for myself, ‘Lime marks’ could now be wiped away, no calcified water taps, a lime scale-free hot water kettle. I am really very positively surprised. In particular I am impressed by the fact that the installation was simple and no messy cutting of pipes etc. The device is guaranteed for 5 years. Finally I have no additional monthly costs! I am very content; cordial thanks!”

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Anita Thomas, CH-5644 Auw/Schweiz

“We have been using the Sialex®Ring for some months now in our 5-Family house. In our area it is not unusual to have water with 19°dH German hardness. “Scale” deposits were particularly noticeable around the bathroom, shower and water taps. Since installing the Sialex®Ring, there are less signs of ‘Scale’. In particular the shower showed a big improvement. The time interval, between cleaning glass elements (due to scale build up) was both extended and easier to undertake dues to the ‘softer’ deposits. Also decalcifying of the coffee machines was only once necessary in these 5 months. Other families in the house are very content with the effect. The Sialex®Ring does not require extra expenditure to use (no maintenance or consumables) when compared with our previous de-calcifying device. I continue to recommend therefore the Sialex®Ring very gladly.”

Sialex®Rings continue to establish a reputation for reliability and quality in the demanding world of industry and commerce. We are pleased to offer these devices to the homeowner.

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