Test Offer Private Household

No catches, no hidden costs! If you have “Scale” or “Corrosion” related water issues we would like to make you a "Free of charge", "No payment required" offer to test the Sialex®Ring and see for yourself the effects it has on your problems.

How does it work? As a result of our product design, there is no need for the services of plumbers or electricians to undertake the installation of our device. This allows us to supply our Sialex® Ring direct to you and in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with its performance, the device can be easily removed (just two screws), put back into its original packaging and returned to us. No pipes to be repaired, no electrical power to be disconnected! No Risk to you the homeowner!

Take the "30 day test"

  • Currently offer applies to households in Germany only.
  • Complete the "CALL BACK – CONTACT US" form and we will get back to you.

We will organize the delivery of the Sialex® Ring to your home. Installing the Sialex®Ring is straight forward. The information provided with the Ring explains where to position the device. Two screws (to hold the two halves of the Ring in place around the pipe), insulation tape (to make sure the Sialex®Ring is firmly held in place) and an Allen key (to tighten the screws) are provided. If you are unsure or would prefer some help, we will be happy to have representative’ visit and install the Ring for you!

  • No annual maintenance costs! (No moving parts to wear out or need replacing).
  • No need to carry heavy bags of salt (20kg bags) into your home!
  • No Installation costs.

No need to worry; no leaking seals or water damage from incorrectly installed traditional water softeners, filters, or Reverse osmosis units! (Sialex®Rings are installed without cutting existing water pipes, unlike R.O systems, or chemical water softening devices)

And if you have any concerns about where to fit the device, how to select the correct Sialex® Ring size to meet your needs or anything which you are unsure about, our FAQ section may help answer these questions.

If you are still unsure please feel free to contact us.

Before purchasing more expensive products contact us and take our Sialex®Ring test.

You could save yourself a lot of money, time, and inconvenience now and in the years ahead!

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