The sustainable water treatment solution

Sialex® products have applications in the home, helping protect appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, showers, hot water boilers etc.).
In industry Sialex® devices assist in the control of scale build up and corrosion in hot water systems, heat- exchangers, boilers, air conditioning systems, etc. Our products are also employed in the energy field.

Products based upon our technology are supplied directly to end users, through our sellers force in Germany, our distributors nationally and internationally as well as directly to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for their integration into product.

Private Household

for the private household

In the home “Scaling” and “Corrosion” of water pipes and appliances is not simply an inconvenience it is an expensive problem (replacing pipes and equipment like washing machines, showers, boilers etc..


for the industry

A competence team around Phoenix Ring Manufaktur has several years of experience in the field of industrial applications.
Industry is asked to consider many operational issues. There is a drive to reduce the “carbon footprint”, costs must be tightly controlled due to rising energy costs, “downtime” of systems must be minimised to gain the most “return on the capital investment in plant and machinery”. Running costs must be tightly controlled.


for OEMs

Sialex® is the term for a manufacturing or production process for a series of products that are used for the physical treatment of lime and some types of corrosion in water.
The Sialex®Ring, which has been established nationally and internationally for decades, is a so called “after-market device”.


for distributors

We offer to our Distributors anywhere in the world 24 x 365 all the experience accumulated till today of the Sialex® process developed in Germany and the assurance that all Sialex® products are manufactured, without exception, in Germany and therefore, Sialex®Ring, the flagship of the Phoenix Ring Manufaktur, is Made in Germany / Made in Odenwald and has been used with success both domestically and internationally in a wide range of industries and applications.