Sialex®for the industry

in the field of industrial applications

A competence team around Phoenix Ring Manufaktur has several years of experience in the field of industrial applications.

Industry is asked to consider many operational issues. There is a drive to reduce the “carbon footprint”, costs must be tightly controlled due to rising energy costs, “downtime” of systems must be minimised to gain the most “return on the capital investment in plant and machinery”. Running costs must be tightly controlled.

The relationship between “scaling” / “corrosion” and system efficiency has received considerable attention in recent years.

Water problems, once seen as an inconvenience by operations managers, now are identified as a considerable cost in terms of efficiency.

As the relationship between scale “build up” in water circuits and higher energy bills becomes more obvious , as labour costs also rise, and the drive to maximize systems availability receives more focus, benefits associated with “good” maintenance and operational conditions of water circuits makes a more compelling argument.

The proven industrial solution
in its effectiveness

Based on physical principles, it is now possible to treat limescale, rust and other deposits in water-bearing pipes, machines and equipment; gentle, eco-friendly, cost-effective, efficient, but above all safe, harmless, traceable and reproducible.

Significant areas of action

Water as a central element
in industrial production

Water is an important component in most industrial applications as well as in many commercial ventures (hotels, automotive suppliers, airports, theme parks, commercial building, office blocks, retirement homes, slaughterhouses etc.).

In recent years in particular, due to the background already mentioned, there has been a clear awareness of how to get a grip on the problem of deposits in water-bearing systems, machines and devices. Where a few years ago, for example, people were smiling tiredly about the problem of lime, nowadays more and more people are devoting themselves to this very cost-intensive topic.

Even a few millimeters of limescale deposits mean a considerable increase in energy and therefore costs. Apart from additional maintenance intervals, machine downtimes and additional working hours.

We faced this challenge together with our partners, and are now well positioned across the board in the industrial environment. For example, our systems are used very successfully in so called “ring lines”, difficult cooling circuits, but also in all types of heat exchanger types.

Limescale deposits could be reduced in many cases, but new ones could also be prevented. Maintenance intervals could also be extended or delayed in many cases, in some cases significantly.

Particularly in areas where large quantities of water have to be treated, the use of a Sialex® Ring is generally very justifiable from an economic point of view.

Generally, there is a very close exchange of information between the interested party or new customer and the Phoenix team prior to planning a new installation in the industrial sector.

Often, the conditions prevailing on site are so complex that a personal exchange is absolutely necessary. In many cases, a detailed proposal for a solution can only be drawn up, applied or implemented after an assessment of the local conditions and clarification of further details (e.g. temperature of the water, water constituents, length of the pipes etc.).

Even a few millimeters of limescale deposits mean a considerable increase in energy and therefore costs.

Apart from additional maintenance intervals, machine downtimes and additional working hours.

All advantages at a glance

2-5 years guarantee
of the Sialex®Ring, although the service life is many times longer.
Can be used on any pipe material
No metallic pipes are necessary for on-site effect. Iron, PVC, copper, stainless steel; any pipe material is possible.
Proven successfully for decades
The technology is well established in all industries. Worldwide since 2006
Easy installation
Carried out usually by authorized technical staff on site. But above all, without stopping production.
Best tested technology
Successful references worldwide for almost all applications in the industrial environment. Most prestigious awards.
Many possibilities for effectiveness verification (Monitoring)
e.g. comparison of energy consumption, increase of TDS, reduction of chemical products, reduction of maintenance intervals
Works with high volumes of water
Sialex®Rings are available in a wide range of sizes and are thereby designed for water volumes of many 1,000 m3/h.
Works with the highest water hardness levels
Hardness levels of up to 4,500 ppm have already been achieved.
Sustainable – Eco-friendly
The system works on a physical basis, completely without chemistry. Many tons of CO2 and also energy have already been saved.
Optimizes processes
By using the Sialex®Rings, your water pipe systems will be improved. The rings are true water and system optimizers.
Protects and preserves machines and pipes
Sialex®Systems protect water pipes, machines, equipment and pipes, thereby extending their lifetime many times further.
Excellent return on investment (ROI)
Generally, the cost of the systems pays for itself in a very short time.
Unbeatable in price comparison
Limescale and some types of corrosion treatment with Sialex® is extremely interesting compared to other methods of water treatment.
Honest and competent service
We will not let you down after the purchase and will continue to be your trusted contact. Promised!
No maintenance and follow-up costs
No consumables such as electricity, salt regeneration or other chemicals are necessary. Maintenance is completely unnecessary.

New applications
for the Sialex®Ring Technology

If you have an industrial application for our ring technology that is not mentioned or addressed on these pages of our website, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have at any time. Our products are not limited to water alone, we are gaining experience with other fluid types and the problems associated with their transport and storage.

This is an area which will receive more attention in the future. In close cooperation with you, we would like to run initial tests here as well in order to determine any positive changes. Especially new areas of application and the resulting developments made and make us to a partner to the industry.

Maybe to yours, too?

You want to try Sialex®
We have a special trial offer for you.

We would also be happy to work out – with client’s support – an initial project plan, including a test period, tailored to the individual needs, which are specifically and individually available at your location. Talk to us or to our partners directly.