Sialex®for OEMs

We work with a range of products

Sialex® is the term for a manufacturing or production process for a series of products that are used for the physical treatment of lime and some types of corrosion in water.
The Sialex®Ring, which has been established nationally and internationally for decades, is a so called “after-market device”. Our devices are installed after the original pipeline system incl. heat exchangers, boilers, etc. has been installed.

As well as the installation on day 1, for example in a new machine or a highly complex water cycle system. We work both preventively, but we also have to repair more and more the damage if, for example, other technologies have reached their limits.

Many devices, required by industry, the hospitality industry, and household, suffer from the effects of “scale and corrosion” caused as a result of these devices exposed to water.

Working directly with manufacturers of such devices, we believe that Sialex® can add further “value” by incorporating Sialex® treated materials / components into devices at manufacturing facilities.

By extending product life and maintenance cycles, reducing “wear and tear” as well as contributing to improving overall “Cost of Ownership”, we believe our technique can add value to OEM’s products.

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