Sialex®for the private household

Sustainable water treatment
for private households

In the home “Scaling” and “Corrosion” of water pipes and appliances is not simply an inconvenience it is an expensive problem (replacing pipes and equipment like washing machines, showers, boilers etc..

Especially for households that are geographically located in a hard water area and are thus supplied with “hard” water, the level of suffering is enormous and can be felt anew every day. Who doesn’t know completely calcified boilers or kettles, calcified coffee machines and dishwashers or fittings with gray veils?

We have faced this challenge together with our partners and are well positioned in the private household sector. Our consultants work very closely and hand in hand with private customers as well as owner associations, property managers, retirement homes, local plumbing companies and energy consultants.

We are particularly proud that e.g. one of the largest and most traditional house manufacturers in Germany, after very extensive and in-house tests, decided to include the Sialex®Ring technology from Phoenix in its own sales portfolio.
And that for several years now!

Some economical and of quality of live that could be achieved in your home using Sialex®Ring:

  • Enhance the organoleptic properties of the foods and beverage.
  • Decrease in your electricity bill

For example, eliminate 1.5 mm of the scale in your hot water network, reduces up to 15% of the electrical consumption of domestic equipment that uses hot water; for example, coffee makers, dishwashers, showers, etc. (American Society of Plumbing Engineers)

The proven industrial solution,
now in the home

Based on physical principles, it is now possible to treat limescale, rust and other deposits in (water) pipes. Gentle, ecological, cost-saving, effective, but above all safe, harmless, traceable and reproducible.

Significant areas of action

Easy installation

The installation is very easy and is either carried out directly by Phoenix Ring Manufaktur or by the customer himself. The installation instructions

that always accompany a Sialex®Ring ensure a smooth installation, even on your own (do-it-yourself). No pipes have to be cut and no additional components have to be installed.

1 Water meter

2 Shut-off device

3 Water filter

4 Sialex®Ring

5 Distributor

All advantages at a glance

On site tests possible at any time
Before your purchase decision and in consultation with the respective local partner, this is possible at any time. Because only the own experience gives the most security.
Easy to install / No installation costs
The installation is very easy and is either carried out directly by Phoenix Ring Manufaktur or by the customer himself. The installation instructions that accompany a Sialex®Ring ensure a smooth installation even on your own (do-it-yourself).
No maintenance and follow-up costs
No consumables such as electricity, regeneration salt or other chemicals are necessary. There is no need for maintenance at all.
Honest and competent service
We won’t let you down after the purchase and will continue to be your competent contact. Promised!
Environmentally friendly
The system works on a physical basis, completely without chemicals. No chemicals are added.
Also works in “standing water”
e.g. so called “dead lines”, but also sinks that are rarely used (garage/cellar etc.).
Can be used on any pipe material
No metallic pipes are necessary for the effect on site. Iron, PVC, copper; any pipe material is possible.
The good water quality of your water supplier is verifiably preserved.
No important ingredient is extracted from the water.
Proven successfully for decades
In use in industry, commercial, residential construction, property management and private use.
2-5 years guarantee
of the Sialex®Ring, although the lifetime is many times longer.
Reduces limescale and rust in water-bearing pipes
It protects your household electrical devices such as washing machines, dishwashers and coffee machines. The prerequisite is, of course, that limescale and rust are already present.
Can be used for the highest degrees of hardness.
Not only high volumes of water, but also higher levels of water hardness can be handled without problems.
Protects water pipes from rust, oxidation of copper and pitting corrosion.
The system protects your water pipes against rust, copper oxidation and pitting corrosion.
Many possibilities for testing the efficiency
e.g. in the hot water boiler, detergent consumption for washing and dishwashing and many other individual measuring methods.
Easy remove of limescale
The residual limescale can be removed more easily from surfaces, fittings, walls, tiles, etc. Less work, time and material expenditure. easier – faster

If you are also interested in a cost-effective alternative without hidden costs for consulting, installation, additional material, energy or even follow-up costs, please contact us.

Phoenix Ring Manufaktur
says thank you for your recommendation

In the last few months and years it has become more and more evident that the best advertisement is still the recommendation.

Looking back, we can now say that about every third Sialex®Ring which is sold usually brings another new customer with it. This surprised us, but also filled us with great satisfaction, especially since this is an indication of good customer satisfaction.

We would like to let our customers, who recommend us, participate in our success. So if you are happy with the service and with our performance we have provided, do not keep it to yourself. Let your neighbors, friends, relatives and acquaintances know. Recommend us.
We thank you with a great bonus for every recommendation that creates a new customer relationship. Talk to us, our sales partner or to your direct contact person on site.

Thank you for your recommendation!