Physics and Chemistry complement each other and help us understand the interaction of materials and the products / by-products produced as a result of these reactions.

Periodic tableSialex® crosses the boundaries of physics and chemistry; Sialex®, devices employ physics based techniques both in their production as well as the “effects” achieved when employing such devices, to create what can be described as a “chemical” adjustment to materials present in fluids and exposed to the effects of these devices.

CalipersThe Sialex®, products introduce additional “effects” on the movement of ions or charged “nano-particles” (colloidal) that are present in water. This effect results in a dissociation of the counter-ion charge cloud surrounding the ions or particles. This can allow a chemical reaction to occur that would not occur without the “Ring Effect” being present. It is the benefits of chemistry, without the addition of extra chemicals, which is of interest to Sialex®Ring customers.