The Sialex®Ring, installed around the exterior of the selected water bearing pipe, produces an increase in suspended “nano-particles” or “nucleation seeds” with a higher percentage of aragonite within the water exposed to the device.

Aragonite crystals form “soft” scale deposits that can be easily removed. The affect of the Sialex®Ring increases the number of nucleation seeds generated which in turn will cause more precipitation to take place in water than would otherwise occur. This results in more material moving through the water system than adhering to the sides of the water bearing pipes. These “seed” particles flocculate inside the water systems and form a fine “sludge” which can be easily flushed away as opposed to the more common “hard” scale deposits (calcite) which stick to inner pipe walls, is difficult to remove, and ultimately causes problems.

Another benefit of this technique, noted in residential properties, is less dissolved calcium bicarbonate in hot water circuits. This has the effect of improving lathering and providing other benefits of partially softened water… Easier to clean surfaces, less detergent, “softer” feeling water.

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Application of Sialex® devices to an older installation assists in the removal of already existing “Old” scale. Water, exposed to the Sialex®Ring seeks to re-dissolve any calcium carbonate in contact with it. Over a relatively short period of time, “old” scale will break free from inner surfaces of affected water pipes where it has previously attached, and break down in the plumbing system as smaller particles and sometimes into fine sand-like (aragonite) particles.

There are many suggested scientific explanations proposed to help explain these real world results. Further work is ongoing which will continue to bring further clarity to this technique.