Sialex®RingSialex®Ring - The first offering using the Sialex® process. These devices are employed in the control of “Scale” and “Corrosion” associated with water pipes and devices exposed to this water, as a result of these pipes carrying water.

Designed for “After sales” use and provided as a “Two piece” Ring. These units are installed around the outer circumference of the chosen water pipe.

Sialex®Ring devices are provided in a range sizes suitable for use with water pipe dimension from ½” (DN15) to 28” (DN700) and meet the needs of residential properties as well as the majority of Industrial customers.

With more than 6,000 units delivered worldwide and more than seven years successful history, the Sialex®Ring is a serious option to more traditional “Anti-Scale” and “Anti-Corrosion” devices currently available.

Cost effective, Non Polluting, and easily installed, the next step in the fight against Scale and corrosion control in water.

The Sialex®Process, we believe has numerous possibilities to extend beyond fighting “Scaling” and “Corrosion” associated with water.

Other fluids, apart from water, require transportation through pipes, Scaling or leeching of materials from suspension is a common occurrence and cost to many industries.

Corrosion is not limited to corrosion caused by water other fluids can also pose problems. We welcome discussing potential projects with interested parties.

Ring dimensions

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Why protect against "scale" and "corrosion"?

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Comparison of techniques

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