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Sialex® – Celebrate today!

31. January 2020

Our long-time Cuban family member Ing. Guillermo Gomez Pascual celebrates his 75th birthday.
For this we sincerely wish him the warmest birthday greetings from Germany to Havana, Cuba.
Sr. Guillermo is a man really of the first days in Cuba. Many projects came through him, and through him many projects only became successful projects.
We at Phoenix Ring Manufaktur still like to remember the first hours, days, weeks when we were able to inspire him with our technology. But also remembering on many great days in Cuba with an ice-cold Bucanero or on the wonderful days together here in Germany. A great friendship based on fairness, loyalty, respect and great allegiance has resulted.
Guillermo, we would like to use these short lines to congratulate you wholeheartedly on the one hand, but also simply to say THANK YOU.

Un abrazo!
Warmest regards, Sven, Anja and Georgina Gagel, as well as the rest of the Sialex® family, worldwide.