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Sialex® – Limescale treatment of water heaters in permanently warmer countries

07. February 2024

Who hasn’t seen the water heaters on the roofs of southern countries such as Turkey, Spain and Greece, but also throughout Latin America?
In these permanently warmer countries, almost every second flat roof has such a water heater and it is the most common way of heating water.
The simplest version is a simple storage collector in the form of a sheet metal water tank, which is given a suitable coating so that its contents are heated as well as possible by the sun’s rays.
If it needs to be a little more technical, so-called thermosiphon systems are used. With this technology, drinking water flows through a flat-plate collector and then, as it heats up, automatically rises into a storage tank above the solar collector.
Thermosiphon systems do not require pumps, controls or auxiliary energy. The water is simply allowed to flow through the collector and, once heated, is tapped from the storage tank.
As soon as the water in the cylinder cools down or fresh cold water is added, it flows back through the solar collector.
So much for standard hot water heaters, which we have all noticed, consciously or unconsciously, while on holiday.
So why are we writing about this?
Quite simply because we have been very successful in the fight against limescale and thousands of customers are now using our Sialex®Rings. We have even developed our own range to meet the very specific needs of our Latin American customers.
See for yourself how our engineer Francisco installs our blue range on the roofs of Mexico. Our customers all over the world are very satisfied; perhaps you will be too soon?