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Sialex® – We are always developing!

05. February 2023

In order to ensure that our Sialex®Rings are always optimally effective, it is necessary that they are installed tightly on and all-over the water pipe.
For many years, we have been using so-called spacer tape to fill the distance between our Sialex®Ring and the water-bearing pipe.
Since our previous tape has increasingly reached its limits, the task was clear: An improvement must be found!
This was not an easy task, because properties such as tensile strength and tear resistance, thermal resistance (both to heat and to extreme cold), but above all 100% recyclability had to be guaranteed.
We found the basic material at a local manufacturer who will, after initial samples, conclusive field tests and new tools developed especially for us, in future supply us with spacer tapes in three different widths and in our own color.
We say thank you for a on site development work in partnership and are pleased that we were able to realize a added value for our partners and customers worldwide.