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Based on physical principles, it is now possible to treat limescale, rust and other deposits in water-carrying pipes, machines and equipment. Gentle, eco-friendly, cost-effective, efficient, but above all safe, harmless, traceable and reproducible.

Today, we at Phoenix Ring Manufaktur can offer you a treatment system that has been tried and tested in the most demanding industrial applications (complex cooling circuits, heat exchangers, etc.) and is used worldwide. The physical properties of the substances dissolved in the water can be permanently changed. The Sialex®Ring is a true water and system optimizer, based entirely on a natural process technology, with no chemistry, no electricity and no magnetism!

With our physical water treatment device, changes are achieved, often called “chemical adjustment” or “physical change”, of the components present in the water. However, without changing the “chemistry” of the water – The beneficial components of the water are preserved!


In order to better understand the Sialex®Ring or its effect, we have to go a little “deeper”. Every chemical substance has very specific properties (solubility in water, shape, etc.), which are determined by how the individual atoms in the respective substance moves. If you influence this movement, which is often referred to as “natural oscillation”, you also change the physical properties of the substance. And this is exactly where the Sialex®Ring comes in.

In the specially developed manufacturing process, the aluminum carrier material (Sialex®Ring) is charged – in very simplified terms – with modified vibrations, which are then very specifically released after installation on site and through the pipe material to the water and the corresponding substance in the water. This has quite significant consequences for both limescale, rust and also other deposits.

Designed for “After-Market” use and provided as a “Two piece” Ring. These units are installed around the outer circumference of the chosen water pipe.
An installation by authorized staff is only necessary and essential in the industrial sector. In the private sector, however, it is usually not necessary or not applicable at all. The unconditionally simple design ensures that no pipe has to be opened and no additional components have to be installed. This means that the products can also be installed during ongoing production; without production stop!

With more than 10,000 units sold worldwide and decades of successful experience, the Sialex®Ring is a serious option to more traditional “Anti-Scale” and “Anti-Corrosion” devices currently available.

Cost effective, Non Polluting, and easily installed, the next step in the fight against scale and corrosion control in water.

The sustainable water treatment
without chemicals Made in Germany.

The Sialex®Ring is available in a wide range of sizes.
Sialex®Ring devices are provided in a range of sizes suitable for
use with water pipe dimension from ½” (DN15) to 48” (DN1200) and meet
the needs of residential properties as well as the majority of
Industrial customers.

New applications
for the Sialex®Ring Technology

If you have an (industrial) application for our standard ring technology that is not mentioned or addressed on these pages of our website, both we at Phoenix Ring Manufaktur and our partners will be happy to answer your questions at any time.

However, if you have an application or a case of application where the deposits of other liquids and thus not of the medium water are to be treated or an adaptation of the original ring shape would be necessary, please contact us directly. We have successfully realized projects with other liquids and the associated individual deposits (including new shapes) and are confident that we can solve your individual problem.

Procedure: In close contact with you, we usually quickly gain a good understanding of the problem on site and can work together to develop a realistic project plan, including pass/fail tests. The resulting test phase can then and usually very quickly show the first positive changes within your own internal processes.

Particularly new application areas and the resulting developments make(d) us a partner of the industry.

Perhaps yours too?