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Super effective, installed only 2 months ago, the results of the Sialex Ring were quick to show! For the shower, washbasin and sink, 2 or 3 days were enough! In the kitchen, the steam cooker can be cleaned with a sponge, and the electric kettle crystallises limescale, which is also very easy to remove! The dog's water bowl stays shiny and the small deposit simply washes off with a sponge! In short! No regrets! From the very first contact with the system's representative in France, everything was clearly explained, everything was clearly explained, and when my order was processed, the follow-up was impeccable! Delivery on time, in perfect condition and very well packaged! Very easy to fit with the advice given over the phone! I would recommend this Sialex ring to anyone looking to eliminate the effects of limescale, even on very hard water like mine. Given the results, save money by not letting yourself be tempted by this or that system which will have many more constraints and a cost of use that you will not have with this Sialex ring! A happy customer!!!
Christophe Ticri | France
We have now been using the ring for 4 months. The ring does what it promises! The limescale remains in the water, but no longer settles. You can clearly see this in the kettle or in the shower. Any film of limescale can now simply be wiped off. At first I was sceptical as to whether this would work at all. We therefore decided to test the ring, as offered, for 4 weeks without obligation. This convinced us and we kept the ring.
Uwe Illig | Germany
We have been absolutely delighted for years. In our restaurant in particular, we are naturally interested in the long service life of our combi-steamers and coffee machines. The ring really helps us enormously here. Even during installation, the customer service team helped us to ensure that the ring was installed in the right place. All-round super friendly, fast service and best of all - less limescale, lower costs. Already recommended several times. Absolutely recommendable.
Lukas Stutz | Germany
Absolutely friendly and competent advice - excellent support and installation - uncomplicated. In short: satisfied all round.
Stefan Scherer | Germany
We are very satisfied and will recommend them to others.
H. Vater | Germany
We have been very satisfied with the Sialex Ring for the last 9 years.
Friedrich Söder | Germany
Decalcification system switched off - ring installed: 100% satisfied.
Michael Hertweck | Germany
Excellent results in homes, industry and commerce. From Chile we confirm the efficiency of this device.