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We've had a ring like this in the house for a few years now and I have to say that it works quite well. As we have 26° German hardness in the water here, it's clear that it can't get "everything" out. But given the increased service life of the appliances and the less frequent descaling cycles.... great!
Michael Mayer | Germany
The rings really have a great effect on lime water and hard water. I have been using them for over 15 years
Marin Marinoff | Bulgaria
Top product and very good service. I can only warmly recommend it.
Thorsten Förster | Germany
Limescale adheres less and rust particles are converted.
Burkhard Boehm | Germany
I am thrilled! I became aware of this type of water treatment via Facebook. We have very soft water here in the Odenwald and therefore have the odd rust problem. I was able to test the ring for 4 weeks before I bought it. Service and communication with the company were very friendly, uncomplicated and absolutely transparent. Not only before the purchase, but also months after the purchase when I had further questions. The SialexRing really impressed me. I am happy to recommend it to my friends and family.
Romina Trizzino | Germany
We were allowed to test the ring for 4 weeks without any obligation. The very committed and friendly sales representative installed the ring for us and gave us the necessary information. I was already a very sceptical person, but was now convinced by the relevant, visible facts. The recommendation came from a friend who has also been using the Ring for a long time. I noticed the difference in the kettle and the "taste" of the water - it has a much softer "flavour". You also notice a difference when washing (including hands). In places where limescale was previously visible, the residue can simply be wiped away. It should be noted that the ring does not remove limescale, but only binds it differently and ensures that any deposits are easier to remove and do not cake up.I would advise everyone to simply test the whole thing without obligation - you have nothing to lose in the first four weeks.
Kleppo70 | Germany
Hello everyone, I was very sceptical at first, but I really wanted to try out a sustainable and environmentally friendly method. After a few weeks, the results were already visible and noticeable: 1. less limescale and deposits and 2. the deposits are much easier to remove. I can definitely recommend the product!
Ralf Ebli | Germany
Does what it promises. Super support and a great price. Thank you very much!!! ;-))))))
Thomas Lappert | Germany