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Top product and great service. We have been using our ring for many years and are still delighted with it. Clear recommendations!
Thomas Burghardt | Germany
Great and personalised service from the owner and staff. A great opportunity to do something about a lot of limescale in the water. A recommendation for every house builder.
Eric Eisenhardt | Germany
After the renovation and the switch to black taps, we had to deal with limescale stains and deposits. We had been using water filters for coffee and tea water for years. Thanks to a tip and the great initial contact with the Phoenix Ring Manufaktur team, we gave the Sialex Ring a chance and what can I say, we are delighted. We have little to no limescale deposits in the whole house and the minimal water stains that may remain are very easy to remove. Thumbs up and 5 stars for that. An absolutely recommendable product.
Peter Greiter | Germany
Water feels softer.
Karlheinz Gruell | Germany
Great service and yes, it works. There's less limescale and it's all gone with one wipe. The tap strainers are clean, as are the kettle and the glass panes in the shower. I would buy again.
Udo Mehl | Germany
Their dedication to fast delivery has greatly supported our operations, ensuring timely product arrivals. The level of teamwork and collaboration demonstrated by Phoenix Ring Manufaktur is impressive. Their seamless coordination, proactive communication, family atmosphere, and our friendly communication have strengthened our partnership, making them a valuable distributor for our organization.
ERWO d.o.o. | Croatia
Very good and reliable service.
Marek Kesy | Germany
Effective solution against limescale. Excellent contact with ETHIC PROCESS representative
Jean Hubert | France