Effect & Functionin the Industry

Mode of action

In order to initiate changes with the physical water treatment device, we make use of simple scientific processes, which are based, among other things, on what is known as electrical frequency modulation.
For a better understanding of the interrelationships, here are a few basics:
Generally and simplified we can say that every material, every physical body and therefore correspondingly also every element and every molecule has its own, very individual and specific molecular natural oscillation.
This means that deposits such as limescale and rust also have their own very specific natural movement. Phoenix Ring Manufaktur has succeeded in both measuring and storing these natural oscillations and generating from them new so called effective oscillations. hese are then partially amplified or individually modified and modulated onto the carrier material (Sialex®Ring). When installed on site and used in the application, these modulated oscillations are then guided via the Sialex®Ring and with the help of the water to the deposits such as limescale and rust.

In many cases and under certain conditions, changes in the behavior of the substances dissolved in the water can occur there and immediately at the location of the problem.
We do not only make use of the good storage capacity of the aluminum alloy, but also use the ambient temperature to permanently emit the modulated and newly generated oscillations into the medium to be treated (e.g. water).
In the water (other liquids are also possible), the newly generated active oscillations meet the original basic oscillations of the substances to be treated, and interference occurs between the different oscillations.
In this way, for example, the solubility of a substance soluble in water can be increased, which conversely means that a larger quantity of this substance can be transported in water without setting off.

The changes achieved in this way are numerous:

In the case of corrosion (Fe2O3), we can observe a significantly high percentage of users having a favored formation of anti-corrosion layers (Fe3O4) on low-alloy steels, if the water parameters allow this on the material. In many cases, the Sialex® systems can also minimize the formation of new rust and break down existing rust layers, washing them away with the flowing water.
Depending on the flow rate and thereby the flow velocity of the water, this process can decrease more or less quickly.
In the case of preventing lime deposits, the Sialex®Ring creates conditions under which Ca(HCO3)2 (calcium hydrogen carbonate) can be deposited in the water as a crystal and not on valves, on pipe walls, on surfaces or other components and equipment as solid CaCO3 (calcium carbonate).

In other words, the lime dissolved in the water will not adhere or crystallize to the pipe walls due to its structure. Alternatively, it has already formed corresponding crystals in the water, which prevent recrystallization.
In addition, the Sialex®Ring works positively within the so-called lime-carbonic acid equilibrium to break down existing deposits (lime dissolution).

How does the effect manifest itself concretely in the industrial environment?

Basically, we can say that the effect in this area can be seen more clearly than in the private household sector. In the private sector, pipes are not usually opened for cost reasons in order to be able to determine a before/after comparison, for example. Therefore, one often relies on subjective perceptions.
In the industrial sector, this is almost completely out of the question, because in many cases our customers have a very clear history or even reliable possibilities to check the effect of the systems used on site.
In this context, one often speaks of “monitoring”.
In the following, we would like to give you an example of one or the other method, how you can determine the effect in your application very concretely:

Visual assessment
“Seeing is believing” – Visual inspection (e.g. by before/after photos) is still incredibly important. However, it is usually not possible to simply open machines and systems to visually record the changes or compare them with previous openings. In this case, the installation of the Sialex®Rings can be carried out in coordination with a short-term machine stop or maintenance of the plant that has been announced anyway. Possible on-site tests are therefore often coordinated with these opening intervals.

TDS – Total Dissolved Solids
Continuous monitoring of total dissolved solids (TDS) is an extremely reliable monitoring method. If there are existing deposits in the system, this value will increase significantly immediately after the installation of the Sialex®Rings. The reason for this is that the deposits are loosened by Sialex® and flushed out. An absolutely typical course is therefore that the TDS value first rises, then drops again significantly and then remains stable at a very low level.

Comparison of maintenance intervals on water-guided machines or water-guided pipes
A very common way to check the performance of Sialex®Rings is to compare historical data of maintenance intervals before use of Sialex® with the intervals after using Sialex®. In the initial phase, there is an increase in maintenance intervals with a significantly high number of applications – due to loosening deposits – but then they drop to a level where, in some cases, no maintenance needs to be carried out at all for very long periods of time.

Elimination or drastic reduction of chemical water treatment agents
Frequently, the use of Sialex® results in a significant reduction of so-called conditioners. In many cases, additional water treatment agents can even be dispensed completely.

Other ways to determine the effectiveness of the systems in your industrial operation would also be to monitor energy consumption or chemically analyze the water after installation and look at the calcium and/or iron content. The increase in these values gives a clear indication of the positive effect.

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