Effect & Functionin Private Household

Mode of operation

The technology principle of the effect and function of the Sialex®Ring is the so-called electrical frequency modulation.
Strongly simplified, it can be said that every material, element or molecule has its own, very individual and specific molecular natural oscillation, also known as Brownian Colloidal Movement; that is comparable to the uniqueness of a fingerprint. Accordingly, deposits such as lime and rust also have their very specific molecular natural oscillation.
Phoenix Ring Manufaktur has succeeded in both measuring and storing these molecular natural oscillations and generating a new so-called effective oscillations from them, that are applied to a carrier material which has a high information capacity; in this case the Sialex®Ring. This is done by our proprietary Sialex®Process, a manufacturing process to turn a simple “metal ring” into a next generation water treatment device.
Installed on the water pipe, the natural molecule oscillation of the “Ring” is introduced into the water overlaying with the natural oscillation of the substances to be treated, such as lime and/or rust, this effect is what we called the Sialex®Effect.

As a result of the Sialex®Effect, changes in the behavior of the substances present in the water occur and some dissolved solids in the water do not precipitate over the pipe or equipment’s wall; that it’s no fouling is produced when water for example is heated.
Many users can observe a favored formation of anti-corrosion layers (colloquially also called “hammer blow”) on certain steels. Likewise, with Sialex®Rings, certain types of fouling compounds like calcium and magnesium carbonate can remain dissolved in the water for longer and thus minimize the formation of carbonate deposits, rust and a breakdown of existing layers, washing them away with the flowing water. This can be easily recognized by a distinct milky-red coloration of the water.
As a rule, there is a gradual elimination of calcium and magnesium carbonate deposits, rust and also a decrease of biofouling and some types of corrosion.

What actually is the Sialex®Ring? – The carrier material

The Sialex®Ring is made of an aluminum-silicon alloy, which is able to store the applied vibrations for years and emit them constantly and permanently. The ring is split in two for its simplicity, which allows installation in minutes, even by non-professionals. Installation by specialized staff (plumber, etc.) is not necessary.

On-site installation is performed without opening the pipe and no installation of additional components is necessary.

How does the effect manifest itself very concretely in the private environment?

Shower and shower heads, aerators which always calcify quickly, because of the formation of solid deposits after the evaporation of the residual water after showering.
Once you install the Sialex® Ring, a changed occur in the nature of water so that the lime residues of the evaporated residual water remain soft and loose and are simply rinsed out during the next showering process. The shower head remains practically free of hard limescale. With normal cleaning, everything is done.

Mirrors, ceramics, bath and shower walls, sinks, toilets, etc.: The same applies here basically as for the shower and shower heads. Normal cleaning with commercially available agents is sufficient. Even regular, prompt washing with cold water keeps everything very well free of limescale or lime streaks.

A simple test:
Allow a drop of water on the sink to evaporate overnight. The usual limescale stain remains. However, it is soft and loose and removed in an instant without chemical cleaners.

Consumption of detergents, showers and cleaning products and foam formation:
For example, when washing hair. You need less or have more foam with the same amount amount of shampoo or hair conditioner.
In your washing machine you can economize between 10 and 25 ml of detergent and softener for every 4.5 kg of clothe washed, the same will happened with dishwasher. In general, one no longer needs chemical descalers and also less detergent and rinsing product.

Limescale: During the period of lime deposits removal from the piping system or water-bearing appliance, at the beginning, dissolved particles larger than, for example, the perforated holes of the aerators may be clustered in it. Simply unscrew, remove, rinse and screw on again. This is absolutely necessary, harmless and will stop completely after some time.
As a result, for example, eliminate 1.5 mm of the scale in your hot water network, reduces up to 15% of the electrical consumption of domestic equipment that uses hot water; for example, coffee makers, dishwashers, showers etc. and consequently a decrease in your electricity bill (American Society of Plumbing Engineers).
To have an idea of the significance of that, we could say as a rule of thumb, that for every kWh of electrical energy consumption, 0.2203 kg of CO2 equivalent is emitted into the atmosphere.

Corrosion: If an iron pipe is in use, which has a reddish water after a certain period of standing, this phenomenon may intensify in the initial period of degradation. This color change is necessary and unavoidable and will stop completely after installation. Initially, drain some water until it is completely transparent; only then use it for daily use!

Oxidation: the formation of toxic oxide of copper and galvanic oxidation/pitting is also positively affected.

If you are also interested in a cost-effective alternative without hiddencosts for consulting, installation, additional material, energy or even follow-up costs, please contact us.